This is Called a Book!!!

For those of you who either don’t know or can’t remember, the above image is called a book. They used to be our sole source of knowledge and learning. They provided information, educations and a chance to get lost in fantasy. I have lived countless lives thanks to these wonderful and magical things. I have attended classes at Hogwarts, traversed the terrain of Mordor, fought with and against vampires, werewolves and zombies. I have explored worlds of amazing beauty and mystery all within 300-400 pages. Books are responsible for nurturing minds with creativity and education.

With the advances in technology like e-readers and tablets I fear that books and book stores will soon cease to exist. Don’t get me wrong, I have a Kindle and I love it. Its convenient, easy to use and puts the worlds libraries at my fingertips. But there is still something about holding a book in my hands and manually turning pages that still appeals to me. The feel of the pressed paper, the smell of the glued spines and creaking sound when you first open a new hardcover book still excites me. But thats not for everyone.

We are living in exciting times where are favorite stories are now being adapted into major motion pictures. Comic books are being given live, romance stories appear on movie screens and we can put an actual face to our favorite characters. But this is also a horrible, horrible trend. We are letting hollywood produces, directors and actors control out imaginations and tell us what we are supposed to perceive. Our imagination is being taken away. How many kids today will pick up The Lord of the Rings and picture Elijah Wood as Frodo, or see Daniele Radcliffe as Harry Potter? Granted those were great movie adaptations and the actors did a wonderful job portraying those characters, but I can’t help but feel like something was stolen from me. I didn’t picture Harry with “in style hair” or Frodo with dashing blue eyes. Screen appeal was not a consideration when those characters were written and their depth is so much more than a pretty face on a screen.

Done get me wrong, movies are amazing. I love watching them and I do get a little excited every time one of my favorite books is released on film, Enders Game was a big event for me, but I still get the same unfulfilled feeling after the movie, Something was missing, something was wrong. Plots are skewed and characters are over or under dramatized, and in come cases just left out. Were was Peeves in the Harry Potter movies?

Movies will never be able to take the place of books but its putting up a good fight. I have a challenge to all those who have taken the time to read this… Find the book of your favorite movie, I’m almost 100% positive there is a book of it somewhere (Hollywood is not very original), and read it. I promise it won’t hurt and you may be surprised at how much more you get from the story.


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