I don’t claim to be a motivational speaker. I don’t think I can motive millions of people with the words I write or the opinions I share, and I don’t have any type of degree in anything. Ive failed more than I have succeeded and been beat down more than I have triumphed. Im just … More WHY NOT?

Treat your Family better than your Best Friend.

You live with them, eat with them, learn with them and grow up with them but yet sometimes they are the hardest relationships in our lives. Family has always been important, but today they are more important than people realize. Divorce, adultery, blended families and estranged parents are becoming a normal thing. How sickening is … More Treat your Family better than your Best Friend.

Don’t Spare the Rod

Disciplining children has been a taboo and touchy subject for the past decade or two. Our culture has become so concerned with what is classified as discipline and abuse. Discipline and punishment are completely different. This is such a foggy area and people really shy away from discussing it. Does spanking your children constitute physical … More Don’t Spare the Rod